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Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers include:

Ryan Lewis, Paul Drude Institute, Germany: Nanowires bending over backwards from strain partitioning in asymmetric core-shell heterostructures

Edith Bellet-Amalric, CNRS, France: Quantitative study of the vapor-solid-solid growth of II-VI quantum dots in nanowires

Irina Buyanova, Linköping University, Sweden: Optically-pumped lasing from a single GaAs/GaNAs core/shell nanowire

Alois Lugstein, TU Wien, Austria: Synthesis and applications of monolithic metal-semiconductor nanowire heterostructures

Takeshi Yanagida, Kyushu University, Japan: Metal oxide nanowires

Shadi Dayeh, University of California San Diego, USA: A nanowire platform for high throughput drug screening

Federico Panciera, C2N, CNRS, Université Paris-Sud, Université Paris-Saclay, France: In-situ TEM study of the crystal phase selection in III-V nanowires

Haim Beidenkopf, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel: Imaging effects of interactions in semiconducting nanowires 

Helge Weman, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Crayonano, Norway: Growth and fabrication of III-V nanowire/graphene hybrid structures and devices

Guoqiang Zhang, NTT Basic Research Labs, Japan: InP/InAs heterostructure nanowires grown by indium-particle-catalyzed vapor-liquid-solid mode

Cun-Zheng Ning, Tsinghua University, China, and Arizona State University, USA: Semiconductor alloy nanowires with widely tunable compositions and bandgaps for photonic applications

Yasuhiko Arakawa, University of Tokyo, Japan: III-nitride nanowires embedding quantum dots for single photon sources

Christelle Prinz, Lund University, Sweden: Bioapplications of nanowires

Bozhi Tian, University of Chicago, USA: Silicon nanowire-based biophysical tools

Michael Reimer, University of Waterloo, Canada: Nanowire-based quantum photonics

Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National University: Semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronics and neuroscience applications

Jessica Boland, University of Regensburg, Germany: Revealing novel optoelectronic properties in semiconductor nanowires with terahertz spectroscopy

Jelena Klinovaja, University of Basel, Switzerland: Finite-size effects in a nanowire strongly coupled to a thin superconducting shell